CEF Ireland Workers

There are currently approximately 60 workers serving God among the children and young people in Ireland. Below you can see the picture of many of these, the area in which they serve.

Regional Directors

Stan & Denise Beamish

SW Ireland



Local Workers

David & Heather Cowan

Lagan Valley

       Gareth & Lindsay Gwynne

       Co Armagh

       Heather Watson

        West Tyrone

      Jim & Kim Patterson

        North East Down

Jonathan & June Graham



Mark and Cathy Donnelly

 Mid Antrim

Stephen & Pamela Garrett

Belfast Team Leaders


Julie Fenton


    Kerry Millin


Jaci Taylor


Paddy and Jill Crozier  

Mid Ulster


          Jennifer McNeil

         North West Ulster

Stephen & Grace Chambers

 North East Ulster


Philip and Rachael Agnew

   SE Antrim

        David & Olivia Crutchley



           David Jackson

Safeguarding Co-ordinator

    & Candidate Supervisor

  Johanna Austin


    Margaret Adamson


Andrew & Beulah McMullan

Missionary Designates to

Co Monaghan

 Anne Parsons

Literature, South of Ireland

Stephen & Tanya Hamilton



        Laurna Nolan                                           Matt & Adele Corke                                                       

              Wicklow                                                  Co Cork                                                                                           



        Brian & Helen Donaghey                                         Emma Busby

                      Sligo                                                               Belfast Team


            Angie McKee                                    Eugen and Claire Peters

Educaton Dept Leader                                             Donegal


Attracta Hanna                                Chris & Helen McCune

Team Member - Education              Missionary Designates - Galway

National Office 

Ruth Jackson - Logistics


 Sally Strain
Missionary Deputation

Karen Crockford  - Shop Manager

 Beverley McMaster

 PA to National Directors


Wesley Quinn

  Finance Administrator

          Carol Cromie

         Literature Sales



Hugh Moon - Finance               Mark Kelly - Office Manager &      Jill Crawford - Admin Assist.

                                                          Missions Dept

Multimedia Department



Steven Condy                               David and Kathy Coffey                  

Multi-Media Team Leader                   Multi-Media                       




Alan & Dorothy Graham


 Ruth Lockhart


Terry & Wilma Flannigan

International Development Directors

Chris & Jennifer Haaijer

National Directors, CEF of Britain

 Claire Bain


  Sarah Wagner


Gary & Claudia Cousins

Education Co-ordinators (Western Europe)  

Geoffrey & Lily Weir

         Isle of Man

Harry & Wendy Robinson

Vice-President International Ministries, HQ USA

Ida Johnston


Neil Harkness

Missionary Sweden

Yvonne Brown


 Linda Corry


Paul & Audrey Reid


        Roy & Ruth Harrson

Area Directors NW Europe


Henry and Madeline Berry                                Roberta Sherlock                       

Area Directors SW Europe                                Missonary Peru                  


Youth Challenge

Colin Hylands

Youth Challenge Leader


        Heather Meenagh

         Youth Challenge



       Marcus Somerville

      Youth Challenge